Joe Blanton

Good, Bad, Right or Wrong

The new solo album from Bluefields member, Joe Blanton.

I’m a pretty lucky guy. I have the good fortune to count Dan Baird and Warner Hodges among my closest friends. We’ve spent a lot of time together in the past 8 or so years writing and recording some seriously glorious noise. W and DB have both been suggesting that I make my own record for a couple of years now.

Well, I finally did. I am guilty of playing everything on this record and programming the drums with the exceptions of background vocal help (Wearin' Me Out) and B3 contributions (Wild As Sin, Americana Breakdown, Forgetful Heart) by Dan and the vibraslap (Here Is My Song) played by my incredible wife, Whitney.

I leaned on Dan to help me write 5 of the songs, grade my work, for production advice, and to guide me out of the forest of close trees.

For Good, Bad, Right or Wrong, I had fun indulging my hick punk rock roots. I think those last four words sum up the sound of this collection and I hope you find something you dig.

Thanks for listening,



Photo by: The Amazing Trudi Knight

Good, Bad, Right or Wrong

Joe Blanton

Available on CD, iTunes and other digital outlets.

Features 10 new songs from Joe Blanton (The Bluefields, Royal Court of China). If Rock and Roll with a Nashville twang is your thang, then this album should make you happy. Includes 5 songs co-written by Dan Baird.

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