Greetings and welcome to Underground Treehouse Records, Home of The Bluefields, The Hangfires, Joe Blanton, and who knows what else we'll think of to record next. What started as a site dedicated to The Bluefields music, has expanded over the past couple of years to include my solo work and an exciting new album from The Hangfires.  We hope you dig it cause we're having a helluva good time laying down sounds in the Underground...Treehouse, that is.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?


Curly Q: The Hangfires
  • Curly Q: The Hangfires
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The debut album from The Hangfires. Hailing from Nashville, this dynamic rock outfit features Dan Baird, Joe Blanton, Jen Gunderman, and Greg Morrow. Includes 10 Premium Tracks that will make you want to change the world! For the better is up to you!

  1. The Good Part
  2. Far Cry
  3. Mama Thinks I'm Alright
  4. Only Takes You To Move Me
  5. Wild Imagination
  6. Ready To Roll
  7. Out Of The Woods
  8. Complicated
  9. All But Given Up
  10. Bullet Named Karma
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Day In The Sun: The Bluefields
  • Day In The Sun: The Bluefields
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The new record from one of the south's finest hot messes! 11 stone cold crazy ass rockish tunes that will make you ponder the mysteries of life itself!

  1. Blowin' Sunshine
  2. Bottom Of The Barrel
  3. The Way Back
  4. Bridgewater
  5. I Keep Fallin'
  6. Walkin' On Me
  7. Scare The Hell Outta Me
  8. Somewhere Down The Road
  9. Born To Let You Down
  10. Can't Shake it
  11. Somewhere Better To Be
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The Chefs - Heated & Treated
  • The Chefs - Heated & Treated
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Order Eleven Heated & Treated dishes prepared by The Master Chef and The Golden Chef. The music is all you need but the magical medallions are the secret recipe.

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Under High Cotton
  • Under High Cotton
  • Under High Cotton
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The third studio album from The Bluefields! This one goes to 11! Songs, that is! Play it LOUD, Play it often! You just might fall in love, get rich, conquer the world or maybe just enjoy life a little more. Who knows? All we know is this record KICKS ASS!

  1. Great Day In The Mornin'
  2. Shake Em On Down
  3. Back In The Day
  4. Wish It On Me
  5. Under High Cotton
  6. You Never Knew My Name
  7. Paint It Blue
  8. You Make Me Lonely
  9. Dixie Past The Graveyard
  10. Not My Problem
  11. Fields Of Blue
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  • Ramshackle
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The Bluefields second album Ramshackle. If you liked the first one...You'll LOVE this one! Available NOW!!!

  1. Don't Blame Me
  2. Twistin' In The Wind
  3. Sweet Medusa
  4. Give My Broken Heart A Break
  5. Wake It Up
  6. Red River Stomp
  7. Heart Like A Muscle Car
  8. Suicide Doors
  9. Toxic Hootenanny
  10. The Dick Mulcahey Bypass
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The Bluefields - Pure CD Sold Out

But don't let that deter you! You can find our debut album digitally just about everywhere imaginable. 

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Check out Warner's latest album, Just Feels Right! Trust me...It Does!

Check out Warner's latest album, Just Feels Right! Trust me...It Does!


  1. Joe Blanton (me) Just released a new album with The Hangfires (Dan Baird, Jen Gunderman, Greg Morrow) called Curly Q. My solo record entitled, Good, Bad, Right or Wrong is NOW available on CD, iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your music. I just finished work on Warner's new album, Just Feels Right, which is leaning towards his Scorchers roots, as well as Dan's latest project, The Chefs, with Stan Lynch. My latest project will be released shortly. 
  2. Dan Baird has officially retired from touring but has just released The Chefs with longtime friend Stan Lynch. Dan has a NEW website to boot where you can pick up the record. Check it out HERE
  3. Warner E. Hodges has released a new album entitled Just Feels Right with his ace English band of John Powney, Jason Knight, and Ben Marsden. Look for 2020 touring dates and get the new album HERE. 
  4. Brad Pemberton is busy as hell makin' racket all over creation with the fab Steve Earle! He KICKED ASS on the new Bluefields album and we had a blast playing with him on the OCC 5 with Warner. Rock on Turbo!

That's all for now, Stay safe and stay tuned. We ain't outta the woods yet. JB